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to our one-stop portal for the

University of Louisville Hite Art Institute's

Graphic Design BFA Class of 2020.

Click one of the Portfolio cards and scroll through the gallery for a little taste of their work and some information about their interests. Want to see more? Just click on the link to their website.

We had great participation by design professionals during our May 6-8 Virtual Reviews. If missed that opportunity and would like to connect with one of our Class of 2020 design graduates, check their web sites for contact info. Scroll down for quick links.

Class of 2020: Text
Class of 2020: Pro Gallery
Class of 2020: List


Congratulations to our graduates for a job well done in completing their BFAs. And for the resilience, persistence and strength they have shown as they dealt with the disappointment of two much-anticipated culminating events — Portfolio Day and Graduation — being postponed or canceled as they graduate during a moment where the world is living through a pandemic.

Below are links to all of our BFAs' websites.

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